Growing Practices contribute to good quality food

For nearly a decade, we have been known as one of the premier growers in the region. Providing beautiful and flavorful produce to our customers is top priority. Our carrots are known as some of the sweetest, our kale and spinach, the most tender, our tomatoes, mouthwatering... The list goes on. It's all in how we grow:

We are a "no-till" farm, meaning that we have never tilled the soil here. We use hand tools to cultivate the soil, and we layer with composted manure and cover-crops to build the composition. 

We utilize state of the art hand tools designed by French market gardeners such as the tilther and grelinette.

We preserve the minerals in the soil which would otherwise be lost with excessive tilling.

Who We Are

For as long as we can remember, healthy food has been a major priority for us. We have learned of the wild herbs and edibles of the land, traveled America backpacking and hiking, and ultimately became small-scale farmers trying to keep an anchor in tradition amidst an ever-progressing modern world.

We are living and growing food the same way our grandparents and great-grand parents did and it is only in the modern day that we give it a name such as "no-till", "organic", "chemical-free", etc. We just grow food. We grow a LOT of it. Thousands upon thousands of pounds of food are grown on just one acre using bio-dynamic and intensive cropping.

We seek to live in harmony with the Earth, growing healthy food and bringing light and beauty into the world. We never use synthetic chemicals or fertilizers on our crops or our land. We strive toward responsible land stewardship and community building. 

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What we offer: Heirloom Classics & Gourmet Oddities for Every Palate...


Whether you seek juicy, tart tomatoes just like the ones grandpa used to grow- OR a tender nutrient-packed kale for your smoothies, we have what you are looking for. 

Some of our favorites are Shallots, myriad Radishes, Snap Peas, sweet French Carrots, Gherkin Pickling Cukes, Costata Romanseco Zucchini, Purple Asian Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Italian Parsley, Eggplant, Poblano Peppers...

CSA and Buying Club

In addition to vending at local farmers markets, we also offer a buying club and CSA membership. These are two convenient ways that YOU can directly connect to us, your local farmers, while acquiring ultra healthy and beautiful food for you and your family. Click HERE for more info about joining our buying club or CSA for a delivery near you.