The Market Garden

Looking for some fresh green kale for your smoothies? How about some good old fashioned slicer tomatoes like the ones Grandpa used to grow? We’ve got what you’re looking for! Stop by our booth at several local farmers markets each week from April – November.  Our produce is lovingly grown without the use of any synthetic harmful chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides.  From gourmet shallots and Genovese basil to watermelons and green beans- at Schooner Creek you’ll find a wide variety of nutritious, naturally grown vegetables, herbs and fruits! Visit our CROPS page for a list of what we grow.

Nashville Indiana Farmers Market (Sundays 11am  to 2pm; May through October; Brown County Inn parking lot)

Bloomington Community Farmers Market (Saturdays 8am to 1pm; April through November; Showers Plaza/City Hall)

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CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Enjoy sleeping in on the weekends? Want to stop by the farm to pick up your produce? Join our CSA

In addition to vending at farmers markets we also offer a CSA program to our local customers. (Community Supported Agriculture)  Members buy a share at the beginning of the growing season, and in turn receive a box of delicious produce each week from our farm. Our CSA members enjoy the abundance of the farm, while supporting and interacting with their local growers! Our deep intention to grow and nourish our community with sustainable, small-scale agriculture shows in the quality of our work. The idea of CSA is ancient and is gaining in popularity in the United States as more people become health conscious and want to know what food they are eating and where/ how it is being grown! CSA’s are still quite common in other parts of the world such as Europe and Japan. Check out our CSA page for more Info!

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Handmade Textiles

Hard working hands spin wool into yarn on the spinning wheel and pass shuttles through the warp threads on the loom to create one of a kind nature-inspired textiles. Our small flock of Shetland sheep enjoy a holistic life and provide much of the wool used in Sarah’s work. Other fibers used are sourced responsibly and always natural. Many of the yarns are hand dyed here at the farm using flowers and herbs. Custom orders are welcome. Weavings are available at the farmers market and by appointment or at The Hoosier Artist Gallery

Who We Are

Doug and Sarah co-own and operate Schooner Creek Farm with the help of their fun-loving children. From the small details such as seed ordering, planning, crop rotation, and accounting to marketing, retail, sales, and physical labor of sowing seeds, transplanting, propagation, weeding, irrigating, mulching and harvesting, Doug and Sarah do it all. They have a vision of keeping essential homesteading skills alive, deepening a connection with the Earth, living harmoniously by the seasons- while growing nourishing food for their community.

When we found our little slice of land in 2010 it felt like coming home. A perfect blank canvas with loamy creek bottom soil- ripe for planting. We are a “no-till” farm using poultry and livestock intentionally rotated and deep layering of mulch, organic matter and manure to build the soil and feed the crops. This method mimics nature by decomposing materials while protecting the precious topsoil and building soil fertility. Sarah learned about this “no-till gardening” from her mother, as a child growing up with her hands in the soil working at her parents’ plant nursery and landscaping business. Nutrient dense food is our goal!


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